CLOSED - Player Character's Armor: Round 1 of 2

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Which design direction should we start taking the Player Character's Armor?

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CLOSED - Player Character's Armor: Round 1 of 2

Post by SoloSoda on Mon Feb 22, 2016 10:14 pm

The concepts that are not elected will NOT be put in the game. Only the winner will have the right to exist. Poll ends Friday 5/13/16

The Player Character is one of the most important parts of a video game. It is the thing you embody when playing a video game and it is what your friends see when they are joining you in the game. In Gun Slave you will be given options for customizing your character's appearance which includes options for customizing your armor but before we know what those armor options are we have to decide on a design direction for the base of that armor. The design we end up electing in the final round will dictate, not only the base appearance of the player character, but also the direction of many other aspects of the game both in visuals and narrative and probably the entire feel of the game.

The three options we are starting with are three entirely different choices thematically and visually. Each one could potentially take the game's personality and soul into three distinctively different directions. This is possibly going to be one of the most important choices we make for this game. The end result might not necessarily look like the elected concept for this round and could potentially look drastically different after two more rounds but at least well have our thematic direction.

Take your time and make careful consideration before making your decision. You can find current narrative progress here and game-play design progress here.

This is the first round of concepts for the Player Character's Armor. The winning concept for this round will dictate the aesthetic direction of the second round of Player Character Armor concepts, the second round will dictate the aesthetic direction of the third and so fourth.

Concept #1: Soldier
The soldier Armor is instantly recognizable as a high tech armor for some type of soldier. The culture of this armor bearer is one of militaristic origin. The player may find himself/herself in the opening level of the game because of military combat action or some other military purpose.

Concept #2: Explorer
The Explorer Armor has the appearance akin to an astronaut. The culture of this armor bearer is one that has an emphasis on exploration and discovery but still contains hints of its violent roots. The player may find himself/herself in the opening level of the game as a part of an exploration expedition in search of a place suitable for terraforming, resources, or just for the sake of discovery.

Concept #3: Hunter
The Hunter Armor belongs to a warrior who embodies the spirit of the creatures he/she has slain. The armor is partially made up of bone from some of the most dangerous creatures in the known galaxy. Whether as a member of a pack or a lone wolf, the bearer of this armor is an extremely skilled hunter who will stop at nothing to gain his/her trophies and mount them on his/her wall... or armor.
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